Our aim is to impact people to live an abundant LIFESTYLE.



Woman@work is a Spirit directed program focussed on bringing life change to woman facilitated in their work place by Maryna Jovner.

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the quest for authentic manhood

A 24 session DVD course that addresses the fact that manhood is in a state of confusion. The course is presented by Dr Robert Lewis from Men’s Fraternity. Visit their website at www.mensfraternity.com. Facilitated by Christo Jovner.

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forks over knives 

If you are suffering from heart disease or cancer, this video clip might shed some light on the effect of diet on health. Studies has been conducted since 1986 and there is now 25 years of evidence that 82% of people who went on a plant based diet had a positive outcome regarding their health, in some cases the sickness even reversed in their body!



Please visit www.forksoverknives.com for more information.


 We also recommend further reading - The China Study by Dr Colin Cambell




If you would like to contact Christo and Maryna about coming to minister in your church or conference, please send a written request to or phone us on 082 331 6295.

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